UNODC (2017)

Goals for the upcoming 2020 – The war on drugs traffic

Diretor: Amanda Ramalho Guimarães
Assistentes: Ana Luíza Barezani Gomes e Gabriel Henrique de Paula Alves

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The United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime was created on 1997, aiming a collective action against transnational crime.  This UNODC (2017) meeting shall discuss about the perspectives of action regarding the War On Drugs in Latin America. The region has, alone, the largest production of cocaine and marijuana of the globe. This discussion will focalize on the relations between the consumption of drugs (part of the so-called “health issue” and “social impacts of drugs consumption”), the trafficking, and the money laundering. Moreover, the purpose of this UNODC meeting is to assist States on their wills to combat the drug trafficking and try to find a common verve on this issue.

UNODC (2017)
UNODC (2017)