Delegates’ Handbook

Dear delegates,

This is a small delegates’ handbook in the hope that it will be helpful for all of you. This might be especially important for those who are going to be attending a model UN conference for the first time. However, experienced delegates might still benefit from reading this, as it is always nice to refresh our memories. Most importantly, because our committee’s official language is English, it is indispensable that all delegates try to become as familiar as possible with the terms, procedures and documents in the language.

Here we are providing some information on Position Papers, Resolutions and a Glossary of simulation terms. Click on the names to go to the documents.

  • Position Papers – A position paper is a brief essay detailing your country’s or organization’s position on the topics being discussed. This will, hopefully, clarify any doubts you have about position papers, if you are not sure what it is or how to write one. Also, click here to see an example if you want to have a better idea of what a position paper should look like. We are also providing a template to help with formatting.
  • Resolution Overview – In this document it is explained what is a draft resolution, how to write one, the difference of preambulatory and operative clauses, as well some examples of those that you could use when writing a resolution. Still not sure how a resolution should be? Take a look at this example.
  • Glossary of Terms – MINIONU can be confusing to a beginner, not only because of the complexity of the issues and pace of debate, but because of the strangeness of the language, especially for those who are not native English speakers. Here is a list of some of the commonly used terms and what they mean.
  • Dress Code – To complement this mini preparation guide, we are attaching a link to another blog post that provides a few tips on how to dress for the conference.

Let us know if you still have questions on any of these matters or any others that are not included in this post.

Keep preparing and see you soon!


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